Name of the Student/Deptt.

Email ID

Type of Virtual Lab

Which Experiment did you perform?

1) Please tell your rating with the following statements Excellent Very Good Good Average Poor

a) How do you rate the online performance of the experiment

b) To what extent did you have control over interactions?

c) To what degree was the actual lab environment simulated?

d) The manuals were found to be helpful

e) The results of experiment were easily interpretable

f) The measurement and analysis of data was found to be easy

g) The links provided were consistent with the objectives of the experiment?

h) A clear understanding of the experiment and related topics was gained?

2)  How helpful you feel the system is?

3)  Did you experience any problem?

4) Did you feel confident enough while performing the experiment?

5) Was the experiment/process motivating enough?

6) Did you go through the manual/step by step method before performing the live
experiments ?

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